Regulations of the FranchCamp competition 2022–2023


To make the entrance to entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.


  • people who want to start their own business
  • start-up entrepreneurs
  • experienced entrepreneurs looking for diversification or a second business in the family (for spouse/children/parents)
  • all types of entrepreneurs interested in franchise business
  • operating franchisees of franchise chains
  • franchisors
  • investors


  • To provide an opportunity to start a business with a high probability of success (80%) for novice entrepreneurs with minimal investments on their part.
  • To encourage investors to invest in a diversified low-risk fund with high social significance.
  • To offer to successful franchises new, highly motivated franchisees, reducing expenses on attracting them.


  • Participation in the contest is free;
  • A participant must be full-aged;
  • A participant can apply from any country;
  • A participant should have the possibility to devote time to completing an educational track within the framework of the contest and completing tasks that provide a complete picture of the business in the chosen franchise;
  • Desire and opportunity to focus on business development of the chosen franchise as the main place of employment.


The contest is held twice a year. Stages and dates of the competition of the 2022-2023 season:
  • Registration of participants: 21.09.2022 — 13.11.2022 (8 weeks)
At round 1, the contestants fill out a questionnaire and are added to the general chat. Participants get access to useful training materials.
  • Educational track and task completion: 14.11.2022–11.12.2022 (4 weeks)
Participants perform practical tasks to prepare for the opening of the franchise. While completing the tasks, participants will be able to delve into the topic and understand the specifics of the work.
  • Zoom-interview: 12.12.2022–18.12.2022 (1 week)
Individual online meetings of participants with curators. Discussion of the development strategy and ways to implement ideas.
  • Preparation for the semi-finals: 19.12.2022 –25.12.2022 (1 week)
Analysis of frequently asked questions: what to pay attention to, what mistakes to avoid. Discussion of the regulations, open lectures and recommendations for the participants’ speeches.
  • Semi-final. Online Pitches: 26.12.2022–30.12.2022 (1 week)
Presentation of projects in front of experts. The contestants will have the opportunity to get others interested in their idea, so that they can be remembered by potential investors.
  • Business intensive for finalists: 16.01.2022–18.01.2022 (3 days)
The finalists will take part in a 3-day training that will consist of learning and exchange of experience with existing franchisees. After the meeting, each participant will be ready to start their own business.
  • Offline final with the stream. VIP banquet: 19.01.2023 (1 day)
The contestants will present their projects to the expert jury. After the official awarding ceremony, speakers, jury members, investors, partners of the contest and winners will meet at a closed banquet, where they will be able to communicate in an informal atmosphere.


Curators, selected from the experienced franchisees, select the best applications and introduce the winners to the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Current franchisees;
  • Experienced entrepreneurs;
  • Representatives of business communities;
  • Private investors who can also finance the winners' businesses.


In the 2022-2023 season, at least 50 winners will be selected. They will receive investments to launch a franchise business and will be able to join the community of active and successful businessmen.


  • The opportunity to try one or more businesses during the contest without investments and obligations;
  • Training in preparing presentations and public speeches;
  • Intensive training on sales and HR with top speakers at the final of the contest;
  • Starting a business with or without minimal investments;
  • The success rate of launching a franchise business is more than 80%;
  • Step-by-step training to start a franchise business from a franchisor;
  • The opportunity to expand the business upon reaching the planned targets, at the expense of the investment fund;
  • The opportunity to buy out the investor's share and become the sole owner of the business;
  • Doing something that you love with profit and good for society;
  • Powerful community of entrepreneurs (both within the chosen franchise and among the winners of FranchCamp contests) is a constant source of knowledge.


  • Improving life in the regions by implementing socially significant projects;
  • Development of individual entrepreneurship, growth of economic indicators and tax revenues;
  • Improving the investment climate in the regions, where the contestants live;
  • Improving professional competencies of entrepreneurs and the quality of business;
  • Creating new jobs, including the ones for qualified specialists, and building human resources;
  • Involvement of young people in socially responsible business;
  • Increase of incomes and living standards of the population in the country as a whole.


New franchisees
  • The audience of the contest is aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to open a business, but do not yet have the means to do so. The contestants will bring a breath of fresh air to your franchise, actively join the work and get the experienced franchisees moving with their startling example.
  • Subscribers in social networks who do not have enough money for a franchise. They will be able to pass the contest and go from subscribers to customers.
  • While completing the tasks, the contestants will learn everything about your franchise, and during the final they will be trained in presentations, sales, negotiations, recruitment, HR management and will be ready to start a business.
Strengthening the network
  • To participate in the contest you will need to involve curators, selected from the experienced franchisees. Curators receive a small percentage of investment royalties, and they are interested in selecting the best applications and introducing winners to the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will train your curators, and you will be able to use this mechanism to strengthen existing franchisees.
  • Young businessmen (often younger than the average age in the chain) will boost the brand and will have a chance to find out new solutions to old problems.
  • Your existing franchisees will be able to study with the contestants in the final of the contest, therefore strengthening their competencies.
Advertising and PR
  • You become a part of the club of top franchises that participate in the contest. You can't join the club for money, but only by invitation and after a comprehensive quality check. In terms of PR, this is a very significant bonus. Being among this stream is even more profitable, since there will be a minimum number of participating franchises at the start.
  • Comprehensive franchise analysis: economics, business processes, missions, collection and coverage of cases and feedback from franchisees. These materials will remain online and will serve as an excellent presentation and confirmation of the reliability of the franchise for many years.
  • The contest will involve more than 1 million people who are actively interested in opening their franchise businesses in the CIS countries. Thus, the brand awareness is increasing and direct applications for the franchise, bypassing the contest, are received.
  • During the contest, zooms and webinars will be held with presentations and reviews of participating franchises, interviews and publications with the CEOs, franchise experts and curators. This is the promotion of both the franchise and the personal brand of the participants.
  • Cross-advertising. Each franchise has a base of subscribers who trust the brand, but don’t buy the franchise for some reason. During the contest, we will jointly make general newsletters by these databases and mutually strengthen the brands of the participants.
  • Participation in various events: from the BuyBrand franchise exhibition in September to a roadshow at the largest universities in the CIS. Your franchise will be covered everywhere.
New sales
  • We do not sell franchises, but find partners at the level of our values and mission. The participants who have passed the competition will absorb your values and will remember that you are the best franchise in your field.
  • If there is a question about opening such a business, your franchise will be one of the first options for the contestants.
  • In the process of analyzing financial models, the contestants understand that doing business with an investor is less profitable than, for example, getting a loan or grant and opening a franchise yourself. Some of the contestants at this stage withdraw from the contest and enter the category of commercial clients.
  • Many contestants, who fail for the first time, participate again and show the best results. The contest is getting stronger.

  • The contest fully covers the CIS countries and the Russian-speaking population of other countries. If you do not have representative offices in any of these countries, it is a great reason to expand your geography.
  • In the 2022–2023 season, a traffic test for a contest in the Indian market will be conducted for those franchises whose product is ready for export to the English-speaking market. We know how to sell to this market, love it and are ready to show you the mechanism.
  • Relocation with a guarantee of productive employment. Having got the approval for opening a franchise business, the contestant can open it not in his native Voronezh, but in Costa Rica or Bali if the franchise is ready for that.
Each franchise becomes a co-investor of the contest. At least 10% of a lump sum fee we give out as shares in the investment fund. This is the diversification of business and the basis of strong partnerships between the participants of the contest.


  • Investors' contributions are collected in a single fund that finances the launch of businesses by different contestants with different franchises. Thus, a high degree of investment diversification is achieved;
  • Contestants do not receive cash, but only a franchise and equipment. The equipment in most cases is specific and low-liquid. There is no risk of misuse of funds, and the risk of equipment theft is minimal.
  • The franchise business is the most tenacious and reliable. But even in case of failure, the franchise and equipment will be transferred to a new contestant in the next competition, and the investment will continue to work.
  • Each of the franchises receives a part of a lump sum fee for the franchise in the form of the fund shares and is interested in the growth and development of all franchises included in the pool. Collaborations between franchises have already begun.
  • Having achieved the planned targets, contestants can apply for the expansion of their franchise or the opening of a synergistic business for an additional franchise. The investments provided for such contestants are even more reliable, and their potential is higher.
  • Current successful franchisees (who have a history of success in their business) of accredited franchises also enter the contest to receive investments for expansion. Investments in such franchisees are also more profitable.
  • Some of the contestants, having received successful franchisee experience and profit, will open their own businesses. Over time, a subsidiary fund will be created to invest in the businesses of successful contestants.
  • It is also extremely important what exactly is being created for your investments. Many small franchisees with projects, that improve infrastructure and raise the standard of living, will open in the CIS and other countries thanks to you. For example, every contestant, who has received investments for the children's VR education franchise “Altairika”, conducts exciting sessions for 2-3 thousand children every month!


Mass media and companies that provide high-quality services for entrepreneurs can become partners of the contest.

Active audience
  • Experienced entrepreneurs
  • People who want to start a business
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Current franchisees
  • Franchisors
  • Investors

Vast reach
  • Industry events
  • Online advertising
  • Roadshows by universities
  • Training webinars and zoom sessions
  • Online and face-to-face training
  • More than 1 million people

Exclusive integrations
  • A quest for participants to get acquainted with the services
  • Test of services within the contest
  • Your track within the contest.

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