Contribute to improving the life quality of thousands of people and earn money for the good of society
Become a FranchCamp Investor

Contribute to improving the life quality of thousands of people and earn money for the good of society

Benefits for FranchCamp Investors
The Fund finances the launch of businesses of different contestants with different franchises. Thus, a high degree of investment diversification is achieved.
Contestants do not receive cash, but only a franchise and specific equipment. There is no risk of misuse of funds.
Only 10% of startups survive in the first year after launching. Franchise businesses have a success rate of 80%.
In case of failure, the franchise will be transferred to a new contestant in the next contest, and the investment will continue to work.
FranchCamp selects franchises based on diverse criteria: proven economy, strong startup and development department, consistent business model.
Franchises take over the launch, training, development and control of winners. Also they collect investment contributions and transfer them to the fund.
Mutual assistance
Each of the franchises receives a part of a lump sum fee in the form of the fund shares and is interested in the growth and development of all franchises included in the pool.
Successful franchisees of accredited franchises take part in the competition to receive investments for expansion, already having a story of success in this business.

Social effect

Many franchisees with projects that improve infrastructure and raise living standards will open businesses abroad, including the CIS countries, thanks to you.

Asset protection

FranchCamp creates two funds: one in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, for investment within the country, and another one outside of Russia, for other investments.
Future opportunities
  • Successful contestants can apply to expand their franchise or open a synergistic business for an additional franchise. The investments provided for such contestants are even more reliable, and their potential is higher.
  • Some of the contestants, having received successful franchisee experience and profit, will open their own businesses. A subsidiary fund will be created to invest in the businesses of successful

For example, every contestant, who has received investments for the children's VR education franchise “Altairika”, conducts exciting sessions for 2-3 thousand children every month.
The investment process

Application submission

So far, all that is required is to join the waitlist of investors of the contest.
Short questionnaire
On December 15, 2022, a short questionnaire will be available to fill out. It will help us get ready for a conversation with you.
Short interview
During the meeting we will discuss the details of cooperation. It is important for us that investors share the mission and values of the contest.
Making a contribution
We will send you detailed instructions and a package of necessary documents for making a contribution.
Making a contribution
We send you a package of necessary documents for making a contribution and detailed instructions.
Payments and return on investment


Every month, the management company collects payments from franchises and sends them to investors.
Profit share
Investors receive payments in proportion to their shares in the authorized capital.

Secondary market
You can sell your share in the authorized capital to a third party with the approval of the management company.
How the winners are selected
During the contest, participants go through the educational track of the selected franchise, studying all business processes and performing tasks
Curators, selected from the franchisees, check the tasks and choose the best contestants. Some of them find the first customers for future businesses during the contest
Participants make a business plan and present it to the expert jury in the online semi-final. According to the results, a list of finalists is formed
150 finalists gather in Moscow on January 16–18 and undergo intensive training in basic skills necessary to start a business
On January 19, participants present their business plans in front of the invited jury that consists of industry experts and investors. The top 50 participants receive investments from the fund
Apply to the FranchCamp Investors' waitlist
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