Connect your franchise

And get highly motivated franchisees

What accreditation can provide
  • New franchisees
    Active, enthusiastic participants will bring fresh breath and a new look. Many of them during the competition will understand that it is more profitable to buy a franchise directly than to attract investments and will become your clients.

  • Army of brand fans
    We do not sell franchises, we find partners on the level of values ​​and mission. Successful entrants will absorb your values ​​and remember that you are one of the best franchises in your field.

  • Quality mark
    We invest a lot of money in the winners and we must be sure of the quality of the franchises. The trust of an investment fund backed by money is better than a thousand ratings.

  • Development and strengthening of the network
    We will help you implement competition tools in your franchise - a curatorship institute, an educational track for potential clients and a business demo. This will increase your sales and conversions.

  • Advertising and PR
    Each of the franchises will be analyzed in detail during the competition. We hold webinars, zoom sessions, road shows with presentations in different cities and countries. A wide partner network and the social significance of the competition multiply our reach.

  • Export
    The competition covers the CIS countries and the Russian-speaking population of other countries. Also, after winning the competition, the winner can relocate to another country and open a business there. From the English-speaking countries in the current stream, we are testing India.

What we evaluate
Mission and values of the franchise
Economic and financial models
Business model and complexity of management
Elaboration of educational materials for the launch
Franchisee support organization
Reviews of existing franchisees

Minimum Requirements
20 or more own and franchised locations to participate in 2-3 streams of the contest

10 or more franchise locations to participate in the 4th and further streams of the contest
Existing success and failure stories, for the adequate perception of the franchise

Availability of a franchisee development department

Availability of a database of educational materials for franchisees

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