Systematic Approach to Measuring the Social Contribution of Business

The idea of social entrepreneurship is to use a business approach to solve a social problem. It's more than just creating jobs, it's about doing things today that will affect people's future. Making a quality product that makes people's lives better is also a socially important activity. But we're talking about a little more.

Any business affects other people. For example, finding employees in a team: the price of finding the right people and keeping them in your company is not so small. If consistency is achieved between thoughts, plans, deeds, in other words, between the problem, vision, and result, then all team members will have an understanding.

How to make competitors partners?
If I am you and a competitor equally answer the question “Why do I do my business?”, - then close answers to “Why?” you can be made partners.
If a person has a resource, and I have a skill, and our goal setting is the same, then this is a way to find interaction.